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Graveyard Shift


Chris’ Day

I Remember




Story #2
SFW – Violence

Bonfire! It’s a party! Time to have a drink with friends, meet new people, and… I don’t know, get wasted? That’s what people do at parties, right? After all, what’s the worst that could happen? Apparently, Itch could happen.

We really wanted a chance to get a whole bunch of characters in one scene as a way to interact with our Patrons, and this party was the result. It also allowed us to explain the origin of Grey’s chipped tooth!
We also had a lot of clamor for more Javier in our comic, and he wasn’t due to appear for a few months yet, so it seemed like a great way to get him involved.



Lily White – Golden Orb Spider
Lily is an old friend of Javier’s, and was invited to this party with some bizarre Furbook Friend of A Friend bullshit. Hell, why not?

Grey – Cornish Rex
Grey is a +1 to this event, and is kind of out of his depth here; he doesn’t really know anyone in attendance.

Itch – German Shepherd
Itch knows how to party hard and play rough. Throw a complete lack of self control and completely unclear concoctions of drugs into the mix…

Guest Starring

Javier Bautista – Fossa Hybrid

Xanmonk – Monkey
With thanks to Xanmonk!

Majic – Polar Bear/Arctic Fox Hybrid
With thanks to MajicPolarBear!

Reis – Wolf
With thanks to Reis!


Lennon – Fox
With thanks to Lennon-surcot!

Whizbang – Rhino
With thanks to Grimrippy!

Luketh – Dragon
With thanks to Luketh!

Drake – Dragon
With thanks to Flamedrake!


Muerto – Wolf
With thanks to Spiralstaircase!

Neox – Fox/Collie hybrid
With thanks to Neox!

Story #1
“Graveyard Shift”
NSFW – Sex Scene

Graveyard Shift is the name of a conspiracy radio show that broadcasts three times a week in the midnight-6am timeslot. When not discussing the conspiracy of the week, Lily often just goes on long,
barely-coherent rants for her own amusement. Between that and call-ins the show is a fairly low-key affair, which gives her plenty of time to engage in other ways to while away the hours.

This short is basically a joke that has gone on for far too long. Grey as a character was named because of Grey Aliens, because SayUncle is a conspiracy nut. So we just sort of rolled with it, and the back and forth became… this. Terrible Joke Becomes A Comic: The Comic!


Lily White – Golden Orb Spider
Anxious in public, this spider is far more comfortable talking at her job in community radio. Working at night, she has the station entirely to herself.

Grey – Cornish Rex
Grey and Lily met at a paranormal convention. The two have been seeing one another for years. Sometimes he visits at the station! Y’know, for fun.

Story #3
“Chris’ Day”

Chris, while rough and tumble, is really something of a softy. In a family that needs all the help it can get, he’s the one who sticks his neck out whenever something needs to be done. Let’s follow an ordinary day for Chris, shall we?

We’ve really wanted to play out some of the Decker family’s home life, and Chris seemed to us to be a particularly amusing way to show the family’s dynamics in a less contained environment.


Chris Decker – African Wild Dog
Chris is the middle child of the three older Decker brothers. With Mick currently missing and James off on his studies, it’s up to Chris to keep the family running smoothly.

Theodore ‘Rat’ Decker – African Wild Dog
Call him Rat. Since the accident he’s been an angry kid. He doesn’t talk much.

Acting Principal Peter Charleston – Orangutan
Acting Principal Charleston has been in this job longer than most people. This is the second generation of Deckers he’s seen through this school, and he’s still not impressed with their performance.


Mallory “Ma” Decker – Hyena
Between her dumbass eldest step-children going missing or getting into trouble and her dumbass biological children even moreso, Mallory’s got a lot on her plate.


Tetanus – Hyena
With thanks to Tetanus of Furaffinity!


Quixotic – Were-verine
With thanks to Quixotic of Furaffinity!

Story #5
“I Remember”
NSFW – Sex Scene

I Remember is a cutesy little scene involving the cutest little fuckers in Pierce Me being adorable. Then having sex. Since they haven’t had enough screen time recently. Honestly this is mostly just schmaltz. Enjoy!


James Decker – African Wild Dog
James, despite his kinda depressive nature, is actually the more confident of the two. He really enjoys embarrassing his little puppy boyfriend.

Kenzie Kingston – Australian Shepherd
Kenzie is young, naive and a chubby little sweetheart!

Story #6

Prepare for the best energy drink you’ll find, Sparkle! Get it while it’s still legal!


Ralph – Pampas Fox
Ralph is Ralph. He has a job! And likes… stuff! Yeaaah.

Story #6


Majic – Polar Bear Cross
Majic’s a serious guy. He likes his job and he hopes he’s good at it.

Story #7


Javier – Fossa Hybrid
Javier is a few years Lily’s elder, and the first of the pair to graduate.

Lily – Orb Weaver Spider
Lily is the younger of the two. Poor thing harbours something of a crush!