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Hi guys, I’m just gonna crosspost from Pierce Me for this announcement. Hope you don’t mind!

Good news, everyone!

We’re back and broadcasting here! And assuming things go right, we’ll be posting a little more often until we get back up to date.

In fact, it’s gonna be one a day until 2018-02-02! That’s a whole 6 pages! WOW!

But, I imagine you’ll be wanting to know just where the heck we’ve been recently. We kinda went totally dark for a while, and we actually are quite sorry about this. Things kind of went, well, bad.

As of 2018-01-01 I developed a severe neurogenic stutter. The next two weeks were a hodgepodge of doctor’s visits, a brief hospital stay, and a whole lot of “what the hell is going on with my brain?”.

This was the culmination of significant issues over a long period of time, particularly over December, and probably something that should have been addressed sooner. What should have been done was taking care of it before it became one in the first place.

As such there are plans in place to change things up in the new year, and we’ll talk a bit about those things in the next patreon release. Obviously those changes will also be mentioned here as well.

Here’s to a new year! It’s been a long time!

– Transliterary